Do you want to sell an item?
The Front Of Cellars Liberation will receive you with open arms!

Still Novo values the purchase of any second hand musical instrument,
following this simple form: 80% of selling price
in case of sale account, 70% in case of exchange,
60% in case of direct purchase.

For example:
you take here an instrument that we estimate to sell for 100 euros and if you want the money immediatly you will have 60 euros.
If you want to exchange it for something you see in our shop,
you will receive 70 euros.
If you choose a sale account you will receive 80 euros after the sale.

Direct purchase

The best thing to do in order to have a correct valuation
is to send us an e-mail with some photos and a short description
of your item: doing so, it's easier for us to give you an approximate
valuation ( that will be 60% of the selling price).

If it looks appropriated to you, here you can find a PDF
file with our DIRECT PURCHASE CONTRACT. Download it,
fill it in every part and come to our shop to complete the transation
(obviously transport and shipping are in charge of the seller).
Obviously only after that Still Novo will have examinated the instrument you will receive
the amount agreed upon.

Sale account

The sale account is the slower way to sell an item, but it is also the most profitable
for who wants to sell an instrument.
It works like this: the instrument will be exposed in our shop
and in our web site and, at the moment of the sale, you'll receive 80%
of the selling price.

Here you can find our SALE ACCOUNT CONTACT: download it,
fill it entirely and then come to our shop to complete the transation:
obviously the instrument will be examined, tested and
only after that, exposed.


For exchange we mean an exchange between an instrument
that you want to sell us with one that we have in stock.
A kind of evolution of the barter.

The conditions for the exchange are the same for the direct purchase,
but you'll receive the 70% of the selling price instead of the 60%.

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